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Hello, my name is The Cinnamon Synonym, how are you doing today? Today I played this entertaining game where I had to fix Gill Bates' awful operating system. (F*cking Windows Vista!) The art style and gameplay were phenomenal! I highly recommend this game, as it teaches you to randomly click on places and try to avoid sneaky paywalls and evil recycling bins!

the file that asks to open does not appear on my screen

This game so funny! I really wish there was more to it because I was having so much fun! I hope you don't mind but I made a gameplay video on my small gaming channel and I would really appreiciate it if you would check it out if you have the time! Thank you for making such a fun game! 

Dear Simtasia,

Thank you for playing our game, we're glad you enjoyed it that much! Nice gameplay, by the way.

Keep up the good work :)

Loved it,  had some excellent moments! wish it was just slightly longer though.

what does ctrl gr mean? i can't get past the trash can part

CTRL Gr is located near the F13 button


thank you so much! 

I'm so sorry but there is no f13 key on my computer

This is really late but...I think Windows changed it to CTRL ALT

Love it! I would like to see how much more minigames and paths you can add to this game!

If you run it at certain resolutions, things like icons and the taskbar do not line up properly with the screen.

Thanks! We have updated our game page to recommend every player the best resolution possible.

I had so much fun playing it, I loved the irony and the references.